How to mark documents or forms as "Favorites"

If you have documents or forms that you use frequently or that are part of routine paperwork you complete for most cases, you can mark these documents or forms in TurboLaw as "favorites" so that you can access them quickly. For example, you might mark documents that you always create at the start of any case as "favorites" so that they act as a sort of checklist of documents to be created.

To mark a document or form as a "favorite," first find the document in TurboLaw - as if you were going to create the document normally. Then, instead of double-clicking on the document to create it, single click on it to highlight it and click the "Favorite Document" button (you can also right-click to bring up a menu which will let you do the same thing).


Once you've clicked the "Favorite Document" button, the document or form will appear in TurboLaw with a gold star next to its name - this indicates that it is in your favorites.

From now on, you can create that document by clicking on its name from your favorites list - which appears whenever you open a case to work on it.


You can add as many documents as you like to your favorites, and you can add or remove documents from your favorites at any time.

Documents that you mark as your favorites are specific to you - they are not shared with other people. Each user has their own, independent list of favorites.

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