Unable to Click Checkboxes in Documents

In order to click checkboxes or drop-down boxes in documents, the document must be in "protected" mode. This is the mode where you can only type in the gray-shaded form fields. However, TurboLaw documents by default open in "un-protected" mode so that you can type anywhere you like.

If you need to click a checkbox or use a drop-down, just switch back to the "protected" mode by clicking the Edit Document button on the TurboLaw Toolbar. This button toggles between the "protected" and "un-protected" modes.


Above: the TurboLaw Toolbar

After clicking the Edit Document button, you'll be able to check off checkboxes and select options from drop-down boxes. When you are done, you can either continue filling out the document by typing only in the gray-shaded form fields or click the Edit Document button again so that you can type anywhere you like.

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