Unable to Download TurboLaw (Symantec or Norton WS.Reputation.1 Alert)

If you are trying to download TurboLaw Document Software and are using a Symantec anti-virus product (such as Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security), you may be unable to run the setup file that you just downloaded, because Norton will identify it as a "possible" threat and remove the file (putting in quarantine). The specific threat/reason given by Norton for this will be listed as WS.Reputation.1.

This is not a report of an actual virus or threat in TurboLaw, but instead means that Norton does not have enough information about the file to be sure it is safe, so it is quarantined instead.

To finish installing TurboLaw, you can restore the setup file for TurboLaw from Norton's quarantine.

For more information on this, see this article on WS.Reputation.1 and what it means from Symantec's help site.

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