Message about "Digital Certificate has expired" when opening Word, Excel or Outlook

When opening Microsoft Word, Excel, or Outlook (if Word is being used for editing email, which is the default setting), a security warning message about macros will appear. The message will state that the digital certificate used to sign the document "" has expired.

Depending on your macro security level, you may then be able to click Enable macros to continue.

Note that this does NOT affect your TurboLaw Updates and Support subscription status.

This problem is caused by having an old version of the TurboLaw toolbar on your computer; often because a very old version of TurboLaw was installed.

In most cases you can ignore this warning and it will not affect your use of Word, Excel, Outlook, or TurboLaw in any way.

To disable this warning permanently, you will need to remove the old toolbar by deleting the "" file from the "Startup" folder for Word and/or Excel. (Outlook does not have a startup folder; instead it uses Word's startup folder.) If you're not sure how to do this, please contact TurboLaw Tech Support and we'll be happy to help you remove this old and outdated file.


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