"Printer Unavailable" or "No Printer Installed" messages appear when trying to print

When trying to print TurboLaw documents, an error message appears saying that the Printer is Unavailable or that No printer is Installed (depending on whether you are printing from Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel).

These messages will only appear if:

  1. You are using Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7
  2. You have not turned off User Account Control (UAC)
  3. You did not already have a Word/Excel window open prior to opening the TurboLaw document
  4. You are using a version of TurboLaw lower than 2.80

The exact messages that appear are:

From Microsoft Word:

Word cannot print. There is no printer installed.

From Microsoft Excel:

Current printer is unavailable. Select another printer.

This problem is caused by the fact that Microsoft Word/Excel cannot print documents when run in an elevated context, that is, when opened "As Administrator" or under an "administrative context." Because TurboLaw itself always runs as an elevated process, all programs launched by TurboLaw also run as an elevated process. This includes Microsoft Word and Excel.

To resolve this problem, you can either:

  • Update your TurboLaw to version 2.80 or later (this is the recommended method)
  • Make sure that Microsoft Word/Excel has already been opened by you (for example, by using a desktop shortcut or from the Start menu) before trying to open a document from TurboLaw, or;
  • Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows.

Any of these options will resolve the problem and allow you to print your document.

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