"TurboLaw was unable to open the database located at..." error message on startup

When starting TurboLaw, an error message appears which appears similar to:

TurboLaw was unable to open the database located at:
This may be due to a disconnected network drive.

Where X:\turbolaw.mdb is the name and path of your TurboLaw database. After clicking "OK" to this message, TurboLaw will appear, but without any cases.

This problem is caused by a disconnected network drive. Network drives can become temporarily disconnected due to network problems or rebooting computers. The network drive may appear with a red "x" on its icon when viewed in Windows Explorer.

To re-establish the network connection, simply double-click the affected network drive. Windows will attempt to re-connect automatically, and if the shared folder in question is online, Windows will succeed in the re-connection, and the red "x" will be removed. Once this is done, re-starting TurboLaw will resolve the problem.

More rarely, this problem can also be caused by a damaged or corrupted database file. The TurboLaw database file is typically called turbolaw.mdb, and is a Microsoft Access JET format database. If you have Microsoft Access 2000 or later, you can open this file and Access will usually be able to repair the file. If you do not have Access 2000, you can contact TurboLaw technical support to arrange to have your database repaired. Please note that some types of database damage cannot be repaired. It is highly recommended that you backup your database regularly, so that in the event of non-repairable damage to the database, you can restore a backed up copy of the database.

In extreme cases of database damage, there are commercial repair services that may be able to restore a badly damaged database. It is the responsibility of the customer to locate these services and arrange for repair of the database.

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