How to network TurboLaw

This article helps you set up TurboLaw for use on a network by asking you a series of simple questions. If you answer "no" to a question, proceed to the next question, otherwise, follow the directions as written.

1. Do you have a dedicated file server on your network?

A dedicated file server is simply a computer that is dedicated to the task of sharing files with other users and computers in your office. Typically, a file server is not actually "used" by anyone (that is to say, no one sits in front of it and works on it every day).

TurboLaw doesn't care what kind of server you have, as long as it can be accessed by all other computers.

2. Do you have a shared folder on one of your computers?

A shared folder is simply a folder on a computer that has been configured in such a way that network users (i.e., people on other computers on the same network) can access it. This capability is built into every version of windows.

Note: If you have an IT person or other computer specialist who manages or helps you configure your computers, you may want to ask them to set up a shared folder for you, or ask them if there is already a shared folder they'd like you to use for TurboLaw.

3. How to Configure TurboLaw for use on a Network

Click the "File" menu in TurboLaw and choose "Configure for Network."


On the screen which appears, click the link that says "Yes, I am using TurboLaw on a Network."

On the next screen, click the large "Browse" button and browse for the folder where your TurboLaw data is located (if you already have data on your network), or browse for the folder where you'd like your data to be stored.

If you don't have any data on your network yet, TurboLaw will automatically copy whatever cases & files you have in TurboLaw currently to the network location that you select.

Once you have browsed for the desired folder, click "Finish". TurboLaw will either open the database in the selected folder or copy the current database to that location and then open it.

Once you've configured TurboLaw in this way, you don't need to do it again - TurboLaw will remember your choices and use them from this point forward.

If you have multiple users of TurboLaw, you will need to repeat these steps (configuring TurboLaw for use on a network) on each computer.

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