"Error! Reference source not found" appears in printed document

When printing a document that you have edited from TurboLaw, the text Error! Reference source not found appears in the printed copy; even though it did not first appear on your screen until you sent the document to your printer. (In some cases, the Error! Reference Souce Not Found text may appear on your screen.)

In some TurboLaw documents, text that appears in the gray form fields in the document is "referenced" subsequent times throughout the document. An example of this might be a date that appears in a motion and is then automatically repeated in the Notice of Hearing and Certificate of Service where applicable. If, during editing, the original gray form field is deleted or over-written, Word will be unable to find the "referenced" field - because it has been deleted. This is what causes Word to display the error message Error! Reference Source Not Found.

Removing the message from your document

Once a form field that is referenced has been deleted, you must review the document and replace the error message with whatever text should appear there.

The easiest way to do this is to click the Check Spelling button on the TurboLaw toolbar:

turbolaw toolbar - office 2010.png
The TurboLaw toolbar in Word 2007/2010

turbolaw toolbar - office 2003.png
The TurboLaw toolbar in Word 2003 and earlier

This will check your document for reference fields that are missing their reference source and replace them with ordinary blank form fields which you can then fill in manually. (If possible, any text that was previously in the reference field will be preserved.)

If you encounter the Error! Reference Source Not Found message frequently, you may be inadvertently overwriting the form fields in the document - which is the same as deleting them. Watch carefully when you type in the gray-shaded form fields - if, when you begin to type, the gray shading vanishes, then you have just overwritten the field. This means that the document is currently unprotected (you have clicked the Edit Document button). You can only type in the gray-shaded form fields when the document is protected - if you try to type in them when the document is unprotected, you will overwrite (erase) the form field, instead of typing in it. To type in a form field, rather than overwriting it, click the Edit Document button to protect the document. You can click the Edit Document button again if you need to make changes outside of the gray form fields.

Unfortunately, if a document requires heavy editing, there is no sure way to avoid this problem, as this behavior is caused by Microsoft Word itself. However, in general, if you find yourself editing a document and deleting gray form fields, you may want to check for these types of errors using the method described above before you print the document - just in case you have deleted a referenced form field. This is a common phenomenon in what we call "hard editing" but is harmless once you know what it is and how to correct it.

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