"The folder for this case appears to be missing" message appears when trying to work on a case

When trying to work on a case, you receive an error message which says The folder for this case appears to be missing. The error message then goes on to display the name of the folder that TurboLaw thinks is missing.

This error message can be caused by many different things, however the root problem is always the same: TurboLaw cannot access the exact folder specified in the error message.

In most cases, this error occurs when you are using the Alternate Case Folder option to have TurboLaw save the documents for your cases in a location you have specified.

If you are not using the Alternate Case Folder option for your cases, then this error indicates that your TurboLaw installation may be corrupt - possibly due to an incomplete restore from a backup, or by using the TurboLaw Migration Wizard to restore files to a computer running an older version of TurboLaw. In this case, you should contact TurboLaw Technical support, as the exact steps to resolve the problem will vary greatly depending on what your configuration is.

If you are using the Alternate Case Folder option, to resolve this problem you must first determine why the folder is missing in the first place. Some common reasons include:

  • The folder was renamed (outside of TurboLaw)
  • The folder was deleted
  • The folder was moved somewhere else
  • The folder was on a network drive, and the drive letter of the network drive no longer matches what was originally used when the folder was selected
  • The folder is a specific reference to a local folder on a different computer on a network, which does not exist on the computer you are currently using (e.g., another user's personal "My Documents" folder)

In general, the steps to resolve this problem are to:

  1. Select the case from your list of cases and click Edit Case Info
  2. Click the Browse button in the Alternate Case Folder section of the Case Interview Wizard window
  3. Browse to the folder you want to use for this case and select it, then click OK
  4. Click the Finish button to save your changes.

These steps can be used if your folder was renamed, moved, or is on a network drive with a different drive letter than was used originally when the case was created.

In some cases, however, it is not possible to locate the folder for the case - for example, it may have been deleted, or it may be a folder that exists only on one particular computer on your network.

If the folder was deleted, and you have a way to "un-delete" files (e.g., the "Recycle Bin" if the folder was on your computer and not on a network or other external drive), you may wish to use this method to restore the deleted folder. If you can restore the deleted folder to its original location, then the error message in TurboLaw will stop occurring for that case.

If the folder is located on another computer on your network, then you can go to that computer and copy the folder from the local hard drive (usually C:) to wherever your other case folders are located (e.g., your shared network drive).

Once you have either restored the missing folder or edited your case to select the existing (moved/renamed) folder, you will be able to work on that case and the error message will not appear.

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