A "Please wait while Windows configures [X]" message appears when trying to use TurboLaw

When trying to use TurboLaw (either when trying to open the program, when trying to create or edit a case, or when trying to open documents), a window appears on your screen which says:

Please wait while windows configures [X].

Where [X] is the name of some other product. Depending on the product listed, it may ask you to insert a CD for the product. The title of the window may say "Windows Installer." The product mentioned will not be TurboLaw; it will be some other program on your computer.

The message may appear multiple times, and when you finally get past the message (by either clicking OK or Cancel multiple times), TurboLaw continues to work normally.

This problem is caused by a faulty installation program on your computer. The faulty installation program causes the "Windows Installer" service to mistake TurboLaw as part of some other program, and it "thinks" that it needs to install or repair the other program.

This problem can happen because of badly written install programs from other software programs on your computer, or by corrupted install programs (perhaps a program was not installed or uninstalled correctly). This leaves "traces" of the program on your computer, and in effect your computer becomes "confused" and thinks that TurboLaw itself is part of this other program.

Software that is pre-installed ("bundled") with your computer (such as "Resource CD" or "CD Creating" software) is especially prone to this sort of problem.

If the program mentioned in the window which appears is not one that you use, you can stop the message from appearing by completely uninstalling that program from your computer. Simply go to your Windows Control Panel and go to Add/Remove Programs (Uninstall a program if you are using Windows Vista or later) and uninstall the offending program from your computer. This will stop the message from appearing when you use TurboLaw.

If the program that appears in the message is one that you actually use, then you may need to re-install that program. If this does not resolve the problem, you may need to contact that program's tech support team to alert them to a problem with their installer program.

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