Microsoft Word 2007 "Hangs" when opening any type of document

This problem manifests itself with very specific symptoms. This article covers only this one particular problem, with these particular symptoms. If your symptoms are similar, but not exactly the same, then this article may not apply to you.

When attempting to open a document from TurboLaw, Microsoft Word will open, but the document you clicked on will not appear. Microsoft Word's window will appear with the ribbon, but the document itself will not open. If you then try to close Microsoft Word, it will "hang" and it's title bar will change to say "Not Responding."

Additionally, if you try to open any Microsoft Word document (not necessarily one created by TurboLaw) by double-clicking on the file itself, you will see the same symptoms described above.

Alternatively, if you open Microsoft Word by itself (from your desktop or Start menu, and click on the Application Button and then Open, the "Open File" dialog box will not appear, and Word will hang.

Another symptom of this problem is if you open Word 2007 and click on Word Options from the Application Button Menu (the big round button in the top-left corner), you will be unable to change between the different options screens (for example, you will be unable to switch to the Add-Ins options screen).

Although this is not a problem with TurboLaw (it is a problem with Microsoft Word), since it affects TurboLaw users we have provided the following solution information.

To resolve this problem, you must delete some of Word's settings. Once deleted, Word will re-create the settings (using the default settings), which will resolve the problem.

NOTE: This procedure involves deleting data from your Windows Registry. Incorrectly deleting data from your Windows Registry can cause your computer to stop working. If you are in any doubt as to your ability to edit your Windows Registry, please stop now and contact a computer professional to make these changes for you. It is also always recommended that you make a backup of your files before making serious changes, such as to the Windows Registry.

The setting that you need to delete is the Data key, located under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word. If you navigate to this key, you will see a key (folder) underneath it called "Data." The "Data" key usually has two entries in it - "Settings" and "Toolbars" - although you may have additional values.

To resolve the specific problem described in this article, first make sure Microsoft Word (and Microsoft Outlook, if you use it) is closed completely. Then, delete the Data key from the registry. When you re-open Microsoft Word, it will re-create the key using the default values, and the problem described in this article should no longer occur.

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