Warning message: "You have modified a signed project. You do not have the right key to sign this project. The signature will be discarded."

When saving a TurboLaw document, a warning message appears from Microsoft Word which reads:

You have modified a signed project. You do not have the right key to sign this project. The signature will be discarded.

If your macro security is set to "High," the next time you open this document, you will be unable to "enable macros" unless you change your macro security level to "medium." (This is recommended for TurboLaw users, regardless.)

Microsoft Word

This message is caused by a known problem in Microsoft Word 2000. The problem is discussed in this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article. The article describes the problem and provides a link to the Microsoft Office Update which resolves the problem.

To resolve this problem, click the link above and download the update. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Excel

This problem can also be caused if you make a duplicate copy of a worksheet (page) in an Excel-based TurboLaw form (for example, to add an additional schedule) or when you simply add your own additional page.

Because each page in Excel has its own set of macros, when you make a copy of a page, you make a copy of the macros as well, which is considered a modification of the macros in the entire Excel file.

The macros in TurboLaw documents are digitally signed so that your computer can tell if anyone besides TurboLaw Software has modified the macros (for example, a macro virus). This allows your computer to "trust" that the macros are from TurboLaw Software and are safe to run. However, since the act of making a copy of a page in an Excel-based form also modifies the macros (albeit unintentionally), and since your computer is not able to digitally sign macros on behalf of TurboLaw Software, this action invalidates the digital signature - which is why you receive the message.

There is no way to avoid this with Excel-based forms - if you make a copy of a page in an Excel-based TurboLaw form, then when you save the file the digital signature will be invalidated and discarded. If this happens, then each subsequent time you open the file you will be prompted to "enable macros."

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