Financial forms become "blanked out" after saving and re-opening

After creating a new financial statement, you may receive a message about the file being opened by another user, and that the file will be opened in "read only" mode. You may be asked if you want to receive notification when the file becomes available for editing. You may also be prompted that the file is now available for editing, and asked whether you want to merge your changes or replace the original file. Regardless of what choices you make, when the document is saved, closed, and re-opened, all of the information entered will be lost (including the information originally merged by TurboLaw).

This problem is caused by another program having a "lock" on the newly-created file. The symptoms are described in the Microsoft Knowledge base article KB814112. The program in question might be an anti-virus program or a desktop search assistant.

Anti-virus programs are known to scan newly-created files - this scanning can "lock" the file, which causes Excel to react in the manner described above.

Some desktop search tools automatically detect newly-created files and will try to "index" them immediately. This can "lock" the file, which causes Excel to react in the manner described above.

To resolve the problem, disable the features of your anti-virus or desktop search program that cause it to scan or index files immediately upon creation. Alternatively, simply disable these programs before using TurboLaw.

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