"The macros in this file do not match the digital signature" message when opening saved documents

When opening a saved document in TurboLaw, a warning message may appear, which says:

The macros in this file do not match the digital signature. Only a macro virus would cause this. Please scan for viruses, and notify the publisher of this document. Macros will be disabled.

After clicking OK to this message, the document will open, but macros will be disabled.

This problem stems from a known bug in both Microsoft Word 2000 and Excel 2000. It causes the program to think that the macros have been changed, when in fact they have not.

Downloading the latest service pack for Office 2000 (or Word 2000) can often solve this problem. The site for Microsoft Office can be found here. The Microsoft article which addresses the problem can be found here. It is always recommended that you download all the latest updates and service packs for Microsoft Office, so that problems like these can be fixed.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to a later version of Microsoft Office. This is the recommended solution as TurboLaw no longer supports Word and Excel 2000.

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