Clicking Excel "Edit Document" button causes error 1004 or 400

When attempting to edit a worksheet in any Excel-based TurboLaw document, clicking the "Edit Document" button on the TurboLaw toolbar causes an error message, which may say either Error 1004 - Unprotect method of worksheet class failed, or simply 400 (this error will appear with no description at all, simply a dialog box with the number 400 in it). This error will occur if you have grouped several pages of the workbook together (for printing, for example).

This problem can be caused by a number of different situations in Microsoft Excel.

The first situation is having multiple worksheets selected (or "grouped"). You cannot protect or unprotect a worksheet when multiple worksheets are selected. If you have selected multiple worksheets, you will see them highlighted at the bottom of the Excel window (the selected worksheet tabs will be white). To de-select the worksheets, right-click any selected tab and choose Ungroup worksheets. You will then be able to protect and unprotect the sheets using the "Edit Document" button on the TurboLaw toolbar.

The second situation is when you have the shared workbook feature of Microsoft Excel turned on. The TurboLaw Edit Document button will not work on shared workbooks. You can identify a shared workbook by the fact that the text [Shared] appears in the title bar of the document window. To disable this feature, un-check the Allow changes by more than one user option under Tools > Share Workbook.

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