"TurboLaw has encountered a problem and needs to close" message when starting TurboLaw

When starting TurboLaw, you immediately receive an error message - the wording of which will depend on which version of Windows you have. Generally, it will say that TurboLaw has encountered a problem (or that Windows has encountered a problem with TurboLaw) and needs to close. You will generally also have an option to send an error report to Microsoft (not TurboLaw).

Clicking on the "What does this error report contain" link will display information about the error. In this information, you will see the error type is "clr20r3" and the words "system.configuration" will also appear.

This same behavior will occur even if you try to open another TurboLaw program - for example, the Migration Wizard.

For this very specific error, the cause of the problem is a corrupted configuration file in the Microsoft .NET Framework itself. Specifically, the machine.config file for the .NET Framework is corrupted.

To resolve this problem, the corrupted configuration file can be replaced with the default configuration file. To do this, browse to:


And locate themachine.config file. Rename this file to machine.config.backup. Then, make a copy of the machine.config.default file and rename it to machine.config.

Once this is done, you should be able to open TurboLaw (along with any other .NET Framework applications) without error.

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