Unexpected Error when opening or saving database

When opening a TurboLaw Time and Billing database, or when using the "Save As" menu to save a copy of the database, an "Unexpected Error" message appears.

If you click on the "Show me the details of this error" link in the error message window, one of the details displayed will be the "Exception Message," which will be:

"Unable to create database connection string. The database type: System.Data.Odbc is not supported by this version of TurboLaw Time and Billing."

This problem is caused when the file extension of the database is changed. File extensions are used to indicate the "type" of a file. TurboLaw Time and Billing's database files normally have the extension of ".mdb." If you change the extension to something else, TurboLaw Time and Billing will not recognize the file type, and as a result will be unable to open the database.

To resolve this problem, re-name the database file so that its extension is ".mdb."

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