How to save a bill (or statement, or other item) as a PDF

Bills - as well as anything else that can be printed in TurboLaw Time and Billing - can be converted to PDF, as well as to several other types of file formats.

To convert a bill to PDF, you first need to bring up a print preview of the bill. You can do this by clicking the Preview button, or by clicking the Print button and choosing Print Preview.


Once the print preview window is open, you can click on one of the PDF buttons at the top-right corner of the window.


The top button will save what you see in the print preview as a PDF, while the bottom button will also save what you see to a PDF as well as attach it to a new email (if you have an email program set up - it will not work with webmail).

You can either click the button to save (or email) as PDF immediately, or click the drop-down part of the button to choose a different kind of file if you prefer.


If you choose to save as a PDF, you'll be given some options to choose from - in most cases, you can simply leave every option as-is.


After you click OK you'll be prompted to save the PDF file to your computer (or, if you chose to email it, your email program will open with a new blank email, and the PDF will be automatically attached).

These same steps can be used to convert other printable items in TurboLaw Time and Billing to PDF - all you need to do is bring up a print preview of the item, and from there you can use the Save to PDF or Email as PDF buttons.

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