How to change the text that appears at the bottom of a bill (the footer)

By default, most bill templates include a bill footer line at the bottom of the bill. This text is merged into your template based on what you have entered under the program's Settings. This is done so that you can change the text easily without having to actually edit your template.

To change the text at the bottom of a bill (the "footer text"):

  • Click on the Tools menu and choose Settings (or click the General Settings button on the Home screen).
  • On the Billing tab, at the bottom, type in the Bill Closing Line text that you'd like to use. Whatever you enter here will be merged into your bills when you create them.
  • When you are done, click OK to save your changes.

If you would rather not use this setting, and want to enter your bill "footer text" directly into your template instead, you can edit your template and remove the "merge" field so that the text from this setting is no longer merged into your bills. To do this:

  • Click on the Tools menu and choose Settings (or, click on the General Settings button on the Home screen).
  • Click on the Templates tab, and click Choose Bill Template.
  • Select your template and click the Customize button to open your bill template.
    • If you've never selected or customized a template, you may want to watch our video on Selecting Templates.
  • At the bottom of the bill, click on the text box for the bill footer (by default, it appears with the text "[bill_footer]").
  • Click on the ">" tab which appears on the right-hand side of the text box to pop out the properties for this field.
  • Next to the label Data Binding, click the drop-down box (which will say "(List) - bill_footer") and scroll to the end of the drop-down box list and choose None.
  • Once you have done this, the field will no longer merge in the text from the Settings window - it will simply display whatever you type into the template.
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