How to change the order in which items appear

This article explains how to change the order (the sort order) in which items on a bill appear.

Changing the Order of Time and Expenses (date sorting)

Line items on a bill are sorted by date. By default bills are sorted from oldest (at the top) to newest (at the bottom) - effectively appearing in chronological order.

To change the sorting of items on a bill:

  • Click on the Tools menu and choose Settings (or, click on the General Settings button on the Home screen).
  • On the Billing tab, near the bottom, choose the Bill Sort Order option you want to use. You can have items sort from oldest to newest (oldest items at the top of a bill) or have them sort in reverse - from newest to oldest (newest items at the top).
  • Once you have made your selection, click OK

Changing the Order of Group Headings ("For Professional Services Rendered," "Expenses," etc.)

The headings on a bill that describe the "type" of items displayed in groups are usually either sorted in alphabetical order or by an internal numerical order.

To change the order in which these headings appear:

  • Click on the Tools menu and choose Settings (or, click on the General Settings button on the Home screen).
  • Click on the Templates tab, and click Choose Bill Template.
  • Select your template and click the Customize button to open your bill template.
    • If you've never selected or customized a template, you may want to watch our video on Selecting Templates.
  • Click on the Group Heading bar and click the ">" symbol which appears to bring up the properties menu.
    group header options.png
  • Click on the box next to the label Group Fields.
  • On the right-hand side, you'll see the field item_type (or item_type_order). Click the drop-down box here to select the order in which you'd like them to be sorted - by default they are sorted in Ascending (A-Z) order, but you can choose Descending (Z-A) order if you prefer.
  • Using the field item_type will sort the groups alphabetically (or reverse alphabetically) by whatever their label is (which you can change in the Settings area of the program). Using the field item_type_order will sort the fields in this order: time, expenses, discounts, payments (or reversed, if you change the order to Descending).
  • Click OK when you are done, and then save your changes to the template.
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