How to Move Your Cases & Files to TurboLaw Cloud

If you've used TurboLaw Document Software previously but have made the switch to TurboLaw Cloud, you can still move your cases and files over to TurboLaw Cloud. The process for doing this is exactly like moving TurboLaw to a new computer, except that TurboLaw Cloud is your new computer.

First, when setting up your TurboLaw Cloud connection, make sure you've enabled sharing of files between your local computer and TurboLaw Cloud.

  • For Mac OS X users, you do this by clicking on the "Redirection" tab when setting up (or editing) your TurboLaw Cloud connection.
  • For Windows users, you do this by clicking on the "Local Resources" tab when setting up (or editing) your TurboLaw Cloud connection, and then clicking on "Drives" and checking at least one drive.

Next, run the TurboLaw Migration Wizard on your local computer and select "This is my old computer." Then, follow the prompts to create your TurboLaw migration file - be sure to save the migration file somewhere you can find it.

When the Migration Wizard is done, copy the migration file you just created to the folder you shared with TurboLaw Cloud. Then, log on to TurboLaw Cloud and copy this file to your TurboLaw Cloud desktop (your shared folders will appear in TurboLaw Cloud under "This PC" on the Start menu).

Finally, run the TurboLaw Migration Wizard on TurboLaw Cloud and select "This is my new computer." Then, select the migration file you copied previously, and the migration wizard will finish moving your files over.

Once the migration wizard is done, you can open TurboLaw in TurboLaw Cloud and you will see all of your cases and files.

As always, if you have questions or need help moving your files to a new computer - including to TurboLaw Cloud - please don't hesitate to contact our support team at (800) 518-8726 x3 and we'll be glad to help you.

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