How to Connect to TurboLaw from a Smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)

To connect to TurboLaw from a smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc.), simply open your device's App Store (Apple App Store, Google Play, etc.) and search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" (this is a free application). Install this app onto your device.

Once you have installed the remote desktop app, open it and tap the "+" button to create a new connection. Choose to "Desktop," and then enter the PC Name, User Name, and password that were emailed to you when you signed up for TurboLaw.



Optionally, you can tap on "Settings" to give your connection a name, such as "TurboLaw Cloud."

Once you are done, your TurboLaw connection will appear in the remote desktop app - simply tap it to connect to TurboLaw.

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