How to Connect to TurboLaw from Windows

This article will guide you through setting up your connection to TurboLaw from a computer running Microsoft Windows.

If you'd prefer to watch a video presentation of these steps instead, please click here.

Click on your Start menu and type "Remote Desktop Connection," then press Enter (or click on the Remote Desktop Connection icon which will appear).

Click the Options button and the window will enlarge to show additional connection options.

On the General tab, enter the computer name (PC Name) and user name you received in your welcome email, and check the box labeled "allow me to save credentials."

Click on the Local Resources tab, check the boxes labeled "Printers" and "Clipboard." Then, click on the More... button.

Under Drives, check the boxes for any of your computer's hard drives that you'd like to be able to access while using TurboLaw Cloud (for example, your C: drive). Then click OK.

Finally, click Connect to connect to TurboLaw. If this is your first time connecting to TurboLaw Cloud, you will be asked to enter your password (if you did not enter your user name previously, then you can enter it here instead). Be sure to check the box labeled "Remember my credentials" or else you will have to re-enter your password each time you connect.

By default, TurboLaw will open in full-screen mode, so you can use it just as if it was your own computer. However, if you want to switch back to your own computer, you can minimize the TurboLaw window using the buttons that appear at the top of the screen.


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