How to print multiple pages in Excel-based (Financial) forms

Some TurboLaw forms - generally calculating "financial" forms - are based in Microsoft Excel, rather than Microsoft Word. Because of this, they are laid out differently from standard documents. Excel-based documents have each "page" represented as a separate "tab" (called a "worksheet" in Excel).

By default in Microsoft Excel, when printing only the current page (or worksheet) is printed. If you want to print multiple pages (multiple worksheets), you can either select the specific pages you want to print, or choose the option to print all pages (all worksheets, or the entire "workbook").

To print all pages: If you want to print all of the pages in an Excel-based financial form, when you click Print in Excel, choose the option to Print Entire Workbook. (By default, the option to only "Print Active Sheets" will be selected.)

To print only some pages: If you want to print only certain pages, you can select multiple pages (tabs) by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard and then clicking on the pages you want to print. When you hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard, each page you click on will be selected (or un-selected).

You can also hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and click to select a range of pages - e.g., pages 1 - 4.

Once you have the pages selected that you want to print, you can click Print in Excel and print normally - by default, Excel will print the selected sheets (called the "Active" sheets).

Important: Once you are done printing multiple pages, you should un-select them. Otherwise, you will be unable to make any further changes (as Excel will attempt to make the change to all the pages you selected simultaneously, which it cannot do.) To un-select pages, you can click them individually as you did to select them, or you can right-click the page tabs and choose Ungroup Sheets to unselect everything at once.


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