How to create a custom calculated field

TurboLaw Time and Billing's template system allows you to create your own custom calculated fields for use in your bill or statement templates.

To create your own custom calculated field, first open up a bill or statement template. Then, on the right-hand side of the template editor window, click on the "Field List" tab next to the "Report Explorer" tab.

Right-click anywhere in the Field List window and choose Add Calculated Field. Immediately, a new field will be added - by default, it will be called "calculatedField1."

In the "Property Grid" window below the field list you can change the name of the field to something more appropriate - though remember that field names cannot contain spaces.

Next, you'll want to edit the "expression" that is used to calculate the value of this new field. You can do this by clicking the "Expression" line in the Property Grid and clicking the "..." button, or by right-clicking the calculated field in the Field List window and choosing Edit Expression.

This will display the Expression Editor window. From here, you can configure how the value of this field will be calculated. You can apply basic math to other fields, or use any of the available functions to perform more complicated actions.

There are many, many functions you can use - such as functions to calculate the average, find the maximum or minimum value from a range of values, count the number of items, formatting functions to change the way numbers or text are formatted, and so on.

You can also choose any other field in your template and use this as part of the calculation.

Calculated fields are saved in your template, and once created can be used in your bill or statement template just like any of the built-in fields.


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