How to set up for saving files to your own Mac/PC instead of the hosted TurboLaw environment

By default, TurboLaw will be configured to save your cases and files in the hosted TurboLaw environment. This is the recommended configuration, as it is the simplest to use and allows you to access your cases and files no matter where you are or what computer or device you use to log in from.

However, you can choose to save files in other locations if desired - including your own local computer's hard drive.

Note: It is important to remember that when using the hosted TurboLaw environment, any references you see to "local drives" or "This PC" refer to the hosted TurboLaw environment's local drives and the "PC" which TurboLaw is hosted on. These do not refer to your local drives or your PC (or Mac, or other device).

If you want to be able to save files from the hosted TurboLaw environment to your own local computer, you must first explicitly make your local computer's drives or folders available to TurboLaw Cloud.

For Mac OS X Users:

  • First, open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.
  • Then, hover your mouse over the connection and click the "pencil" icon.
  • Next, click on the Folders tab.
  • Make sure the Redirect folders option is checked.
  • Next, click on the "+" button at the bottom-left corner.
  • At this point, a Finder window will appear and you can choose the folder you want to make available to the hosted TurboLaw environment. Whatever folder you pick will be available to you while using TurboLaw, and you can save files to this folder as well as copy files to/from this folder and any folders that are within it.
  • Once you have picked a folder, click the Open button at the bottom right.
  • Then, click the Save button on the previous window.

You can now connect to TurboLaw as you normally would.

For Windows PC Users:

  • First, open the Remote Desktop Connection app.
  • Then, click on Show Options at the bottom-left.
  • Next, click on the Local Resources tab
  • Next, click the More button at the bottom of the window.
  • In the list that appears, expand the Drives item and then click the checkbox next to any drives you want to make available to the hosted TurboLaw environment (in most cases you will just want to select the drive ending in "(C:)").
  • Then, click OK, and then click Connect to connect to TurboLaw normally.

Once you have configured your TurboLaw connection so that folders or drives from your local computer are available to TurboLaw Cloud, you'll be able to see these folders or drives in TurboLaw Cloud. If you then click on the Start menu at the lower-left corner and then click on the "This PC" tile you will see the folders from your local computer that you've made available to the hosted TurboLaw environment (they will under the heading "Devices and drives").

When saving a file in the hosted TurboLaw environment, you can choose Save As (instead of Save) and then browse to any of these new "drives" and you will see the contents of that drive or folder on your own local computer. Once you've done this, any subsequent times you click Save your file will be saved to your local computer and not to the hosted TurboLaw environment.

You can save files to your local computer in this way on a file-by-file basis, or even configure TurboLaw to automatically save files to your local computer - although this is not recommended, since doing this will prevent you from logging in to TurboLaw from any other computer.

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