Unable to create new bill for a client that has 2 identically named matters

If you have a client with 2 identically named matters, you may be unable to create a bill for the client.

Specifically, you will be unable to create a bill if the following conditions are true:

  • The client has 2 or more identical matters - same exact name/description (including capitalization), same custom ID, and same open/closed status
  • The client has unbilled items (time/work) in only one of the matters, and no unbilled items in any other matter or any unbilled items that are not in a matter

If these specific conditions are met, you will be unable to create a new bill for the client. When you try to create a bill for the client, the "New Bill" window will appear, but none of the unbilled items will be added to it, and you will be unable to add items to the bill.

This problem is caused by the "Edit Bill" window being unable to distinguish between the identical matters.

To resolve this issue, edit one of the matter so it is different from the others - either by changing the name/description, changing the custom ID (or entering one, if it does not have one currently), or changing the open/closed status.

Once the matters are no longer completely identical, you will be able to create a bill normally.

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