Excel-based documents (financials, etc.) are missing checkboxes

When creating any Excel-based documents in TurboLaw (financial forms, etc.) the checkboxes in the document may be missing.

This problem occurs only if:

  • You are using TurboLaw version 5.00 build 312; or
  • You are opening the document via your "Favorites"

To resolve this issue, first make sure you have the latest version of TurboLaw - you can close and re-open TurboLaw to let it check for updates automatically, or you can click on the "Tools" tab and click "Check for Updates" to check manually.

Once you are sure you have the latest version of TurboLaw, go to your "Favorites" and un-favorite the Excel-based document (by clicking the "Remove from Favorites" button). Then, find the document in its normal category and favorite it again.

Once you have done this, you can open the document normally via your "Favorites" and the checkboxes will be present.

This issue is caused by the "Favorite" entry in TurboLaw pointing to an outdated template file for the document. Removing and then re-adding the favorite causes the entry to point to the correct template file.


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