Documents open as read-only temp files with strange names when using Office 2003 or earlier

If you are using Microsoft Office/Word/Excel 2003 or earlier, after you update to TurboLaw version 5 (or later) you may experience problems opening some documents. The documents may open, but the names of the files will be unusual (e.g., "0000018.xls") and the files will be marked as "read only" and you'll be forced to click "Save as" to save the file - even if you are creating documents for a case. Additionally, the file will be saved in the Windows temp folder instead of your case's folder.

This problem is caused by using an old and out-of-date version of Microsoft Office. As of TurboLaw version 5, TurboLaw now creates documents using the newer Microsoft Word and Excel file formats. Older versions of Word and Excel require a compatibility pack from Microsoft to be installed in order to read and save these newer file types.

However, in some cases the compatibility pack may not be configured properly. As a result, files are converted to a temporary format first, and then opened. This is why they may have the strange file names and why they are saved in the Windows temp folder.

To resolve this problem, you must change your Windows file type settings so that the newer file types are opened directly with Word or Excel rather than with the Office file converter.

To do this, right click on any newly-created file - that is, any new document that ends in ".docx," ".docm," ".xlsx," or ".xlsm" - and choose "Open With." Then, choose to have the file open directly with either Word or Excel (as appropriate - Word for the .docx and .docm files, Excel for the .xlsx and .xlsm files).

Once you have done this, these files will be opened directly with Word or Excel (as appropriate) and you will be able to save them as normal without any additional steps. Additionally, the files will open and be located in the correct case folders (if created for a case in the first place).

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