Why am I being asked for a license number?

When you sign up for TurboLaw, you receive a unique license number for each license of TurboLaw that you have. You can use these license numbers to activate TurboLaw - one license number for each user/machine where the software is being used.

You can look up your license numbers at any time by logging into your account at - just click on My Account at the top-right of the page. Your login will be the email address you provided when you signed up for TurboLaw, and if you forgot your password you can click on the "forgot my password" link to reset it.

Once logged in, click on Software Downloads and there will be a link you can click to view your license numbers.

If you don't see your license numbers, or if you are unable to log in, please contact TurboLaw tech support by emailing

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