Some characters don't print properly

When printing documents from TurboLaw Cloud, some characters may not print properly - for example, an apostrophe in your document may show up in the printout as a different character.

This is most commonly a problem that occurs if you are printing from TurboLaw cloud to a printer connected to a Mac.

This problem occurs because the printer is substituting its own font and the character translation is mixed up at some stage (possibly due to a locale difference or some other difference between the TurboLaw Cloud environment, the Mac OS, and the printer).

To work around this problem, you can change a printing property to force the printer to use exactly the font shown on screen instead of performing a substitution.

To do this, first click on File > Print in either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel in the TurboLaw Cloud environment.

Next, click on Printer Properties.


Then, click on Advanced.


Finally, look for the setting labeled "TrueType Font" and change it to "Download as Softfont." Then, click OK, and click OK again.


Now, you can print your document and the characters should print properly.

This setting will remain as long as you are logged in to TurboLaw Cloud. If you log out or disconnect, you will need to change this setting again as your printer settings are re-initialized every time you connect.

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